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  • china latest news about WIRELESS INPUT/OUTPUT (I/O) DEVICES & MODULES
    Wireless I/O, or Radio Telemetry, is a method of transmitting information over wireless links. Signals such as switch status or analog signals can be transmitted from a remote location to a monitoring or control system. Wireless I/O connects directly to analog and digital signals. The signals are ...
  • china latest news about AGV wireless Control System
    2022-06-21 AGV wireless Control System
    Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGVs) systems, automatic steering vehicles represent self-contained vehicles, i.e., without a driver. They are designed to provide materials, especially in sequenced processes. Therefore, the generalization of this technology has brought about a revolution in the management ...
  • china latest news about Reliable Wireless RTU Systems
    2022-06-21 Reliable Wireless RTU Systems
    Wireless technology was once limited by inadequate bandwidth, early integrated circuit design, and insufficient power management technology. Improvements to today’s wireless networks allow robust monitoring and control, even in remote and harsh applications or classified areas. Bidirectional ...
  • china latest news about Introduction to LoRa Technology
    2022-06-21 Introduction to LoRa Technology
    The IoT industry is bringing lots of technology and solutions to the market with chip manufacturers investing heavily in the market growing the industry exponentially. It isn’t however without its challenges. One of the key challenges in building out the internet of things is ensuring that those ...
  • china latest news about 5W wireless RTU
    2019-11-25 5W wireless RTU
    Some customers said the default 1W version wireless RTU can not meet distance requirement, then we recommend 5W type wireless I/O module. It has two parts, a relay board and a 5W radio. Control distance reaches up to 10km LOS. Welcome to discuss more details.
  • china latest news about Wireless RTU use for Automatic Pump ON-OFF Control
    2019-11-05 Wireless RTU use for Automatic Pump ON-OFF Control
    For many water treatment projects, users need to control pump ON-OFF according level sensor's higher or low level. But the sensors and pump are in different places, it is hard to dig hole and wire cable in short time. At this time, using Lensen wireless RTU to build a wireless control system is a ...