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Wireless Analog Output Module 4 Channels 4-20mA Signal Wireless Modbus RTU

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Lensen
Model Number: LS-RAO04
Minimum Order Quantity: 2pcs
Price: Negotiation
Packaging Details: standard carton
Delivery Time: 2-8days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
Power Output: 1W Frequency: 433MHz/868/915/4G
Distance: 2km/5km/not Limit Output: 4 Outputs
Application: Wireless Sensor Signal: 0-5V Or 4-20mA
High Light:

remote control module


wireless cable transmitter

Wireless Analog Output Module 4 Channels 4-20mA Signal Wireless Modbus RTU



General Introduction

LS-RAO04 Modbus RTU is a 4-ch wireless AO module, with 4 channels analog output, it is widely used to transmit sensor's 4-20mA or 0-5V analog signal. So your sensors can wireless connect with control center. We have types of different module to control different distance.


Wireless control 2km-3km by 1W RF

Wireless control 5km by Lora

Wireless control long distance, no limit by 4G module

Link your sensor with PLC/HMI wirelessly

Welcome to try!!!


Advantage of wireless solution

- No wires to bury or maintain, no need to drill holes on wall

- Reliable communication in all direction,any terrain, regardless of hills, walls, trees

- Cost saving in installation and maintenance

- Radio/Lora based, no need internet and monthly fee, full ownership of the system

- 4G based, high speed, no distance limit


Lensen Wireless RTU features

- Portable device, DIN-rail mounting for easy installation

- Isolated inputs

- LEDs for power supply, communication, input, output status

- Flexible networking, point to point or point to multipoints

- DIP to change different modes

- Different types of I/O, DI, DO, AI, AO are available

- I/O expandable

- Short delay time

- Easy handing on RS485 network, support Modbus RTU protocol

- Support on-line upgrade. Can configure by customer in setting mode


Frequency 433MHz or 450MHz or 470MHz
Power output 1W
Products 4AO
Input type 4-20mA or 0-5V or 0-10V
Output type 4-20mA or 0-5V or 0-10V
Resolution ratio 24 bit
Accuracy ±0.02%
Power supply 9-36V DC usually use 24V DC
Interface RS-485
Channel No. 15ch default, can program via DIP switch
Antenna Sucker antenna with 1.5m cable
Working temperature -35 °C~+75 °C industrial
Working humidity 10%-90% relative humidity, no condensation
Dimension 115×90×40(mm)
Fix way Standard 3.5 inch industrial DIN guild rail




Modbus RTU communication and corresponding value

Register types:

Register types Read command

Write command

(Control command)

Power off Function
Hold register 0x01

Input --not support


Not keep Can read input value


A. Hold register

1. Analog input value: 0x0008~0x000B

2. Analog output value: 0x0048~0x004B


B: How to read

Hold register: can read 4 analog input or control 4 analog output at one time


Register control way





Function ID items support
No. IC Type PLC ID Modbus ID
AI1 Hold register 40009 8 Read 03 2AI/4AI
AI2 Hold register 40010 9 Read 03
AI3 Hold register 40011 10 Read 03 4AI
AI4 Hold register 40012 11 Read 03
AO1 Hold register 40073 72 Read/write 03/06 2AO/4AO
AO2 Hold register 40074 73 Read/write 03/06
AO3 Hold register 40075 74 Read/write 03/06 4AO
AO4 Hold register 40076 75 Read/write 03/06


About value calculation

Analog input

Our analog module’s max measure range value is : 0X7FFF

1. Directly measure current and voltage

Exact value=value you read/0x7FFF*max range

For example: to read the 1st passage of module’s (with max range of 0-20mA) input value

Register 0x0008(analog input of the 1st passage)

Feedback: 0x3801

Current value: (0x3801/0x7FFF)*20mA=8.7509mA


2. To measure sensor’s value(4-20mA, 0-6 meter level sensor)

If feedback value is less than 6554, level value is 0

If feedback value is bigger than 6554, level value=(value read-6554)/(32767-6554)*measure ranges

For example: feedback value is 0X3801, then corresponding level value is: ((0X3801-6554)/26213)*6 meter=1.7815 meter


Analog output

Analog module’s max measure range is: 0x7FFF

Directly control output current and voltage

Write register value=current or voltage value/measure range*0x7FFF

For example: to control the 1st passage of analog module whose max measure range is 0-20mA

Register 0x0048 (analog output of the 1st passage)

To write register value:(8.75/20mA)*0X7FFF =14336=0x3800


Wireless Analog Output Module 4 Channels 4-20mA Signal Wireless Modbus RTU 0


Wireless Analog Output Module 4 Channels 4-20mA Signal Wireless Modbus RTU 1

Contact Details

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