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Intelligent Wireless Irrigation Control Solution Radio Based Automatic Latching Valve

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Lensen
Model Number: LS-SVC04
Minimum Order Quantity: 2pcs
Price: Negotiation
Packaging Details: standard carton
Delivery Time: 2-7 days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 6000pcs/month
Power Output: 1W Distance: 2km
Wireless Technology: Lora Station: 4
Valve Type: Solenoid Latching Valve Power Supply: Solar+battery
High Light:

Wireless Irrigation Controller Intelligent


2km Wireless Irrigation Controller Intelligent


Intelligent 2km Wireless Irrigation Controller

Wireless Irrigation Control System For Intelligent Agriculture Automatic Valve controller


A solenoid latching valve controller is a device that is used to control the operation of solenoid latching valves, which are commonly used in irrigation systems, water treatment systems, and other industrial applications. Here are some advantages of using a solenoid latching valve controller:


1. Energy Efficiency: Solenoid latching valve controllers operate using very low power, making them highly energy-efficient. They use a small amount of power to activate the solenoid valve and then require no power to maintain the valve's open or closed state.

2. Long Lifespan: Solenoid latching valve controllers have a long lifespan, as they are designed to operate with minimal wear and tear. This means that they require less maintenance and are less likely to fail, which can save time and money.

3. Fast Switching: Solenoid latching valve controllers can switch the solenoid valve on and off quickly, which is important in applications where fast response times are required. This allows for precise control of the system and can improve overall system performance.

4. Compatibility: Solenoid latching valve controllers are compatible with a wide range of solenoid latching valves, making them versatile and flexible for different applications.

5. Easy Installation: Solenoid latching valve controllers are easy to install and can be integrated into existing systems with minimal disruption. They are typically compact and lightweight, which makes them easy to mount in tight spaces.

6. Precision Control: Solenoid latching valve controllers can provide precise control over the operation of the solenoid valve, which can help to optimize system performance and reduce water waste.


Lensen can provide this kind of wireless irrigation controllers. We design and produce these controllers


Power output: 1W
Power supply: 12.6V DC
Control distance: 2km LOS
Baud rate: 2400bps
Receiving sensibility: -123dBm@1200bps, -118dbm(9600bps)
Networking: Point to point and point to multipoint
Protocol: Modbus RTU protocol
Port Description
Input  5AI (4-20mA)
Output:  4 pulse output
Communication port TTL
Transmit current: <400mA
Receiving current: <40mA
Frequency: 433MHz
Channel No: 16 channels, can change via DIP switch
Physical Properties
Dimension: 115×90×40(mm)
Antenna Connector: SMA,vehicle antenna with 1.5m cable
Temperature: -35℃~+75℃( industrial)
Mounting method: Standard 3.5 inch industrial guild rail


Intelligent Wireless Irrigation Control Solution Radio Based Automatic Latching Valve 0




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