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Reliable Wireless RTU Systems

June 21, 2022

Wireless technology was once limited by inadequate bandwidth, early integrated circuit design, and insufficient power management technology. Improvements to today’s wireless networks allow robust monitoring and control, even in remote and harsh applications or classified areas.

Bidirectional communications, fully-acknowledged data transfer, and configurable default output conditions now make remote and field-based monitoring and critical control a reality. Low power systems and high capacity battery packs provide a lower cost and more reliable solution than previous technology. These alternative power options have increased the usability of sensor networks because the systems are no longer limited only to locations wired for power. New systems enable cost-effective monitoring that is scalable down to a single point.

Today these improvements to RF technology make wireless an ideal solution for a wide variety of applications including field-based agribusiness, remote power generation, and water management systems. Process measurements such as operational status, temperature, rotational counts, and other crucial information can now be easily monitored and controlled remotely, even in locations not wired for data transfer or power.

Remote I/O Monitoring and Control Today
Today, many remote monitoring solutions are available that offer more reliable wireless communication while integrating many of these components into a single, palm-sized, inexpensive unit. A radio and I/O terminal contained within a single housing rated for outdoor use eliminates the need for an additional enclosure. These new wireless industrial I/O devices are easy to install and then move to a new location as requirements change.

With the radio, power controller, I/O terminals, and RTU components included within a single, water-resistant housing, fewer mechanical and wiring issues need to be incorporated into a maintenance schedule, resulting in valuable time and cost savings without sacrificing capabilities. A single wireless I/O device can collect both digital and analog sensor readings and forward this data to a central collection point for analysis. This ability to log and track data across a wide area creates new opportunities for operators to identify trends that need an immediate response.

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